Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speeches

(approximately 1-2 hours in length)

A keynote speech is designed to deliver a meaningful and compelling message to a large audience. Though the time is short, Chris’ engaging, humorous, and entertaining style quickly builds rapport with his audience, while his innate ability to weave the customer’s current objectives and relevant issues into the keynote content will ensure his client’s needs are met.

Chris does not have a set speech prepared for his events. Instead, he works with a number of subject themes that help frame each company’s unique message. Such possible keynote themes may include:

The Inspiration of Leadership
Doing What It Takes to Live Your Best Life Now; Developing Consistent Performance Through Time
Understanding and Living your Purpose
The Power of Your Vision
Leveraging Your Ideals to Develop Your Thoughts into Winning Actions
Thriving on Change: How to Adjust and Thrive in a Rapidly Advancing World
The Power of Personal Responsibility: Getting Out of Victimization, Entitlement and Blame and Jazzing Up Your Life.
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