Workshops & Retreats
Half-day workshops
(approximately 3-5 hours in length)

A half-day workshop offers more time to customize an event to a particular group’s needs and issues as well as to provide an opportunity to do more intensive experiential learning to better reinforce the tools for lasting change. The extended

event length also allows for more synergy and team-building activities to create higher-level communication between individuals and/or teams. Participants will develop a vision and a plan to create personal responsibility and leadership. By understanding and employing the power of belief to strengthen relationships, they will break through their fears, improve their performance, and truly understand the power of caring and the recognition of team building.


Full-day workshops 

(approximately 6+ hours in length.)

This highly customized event—appropriate for any group size—will take people through the process of change and growth. The event is fully designed to fit your company’s distinct needs and will use case studies specific to your company to help employees understand how to apply the information they receive to their day-to-day working life. The extended length of this event will allow for a fully engaged experience from the audience with ample time to practice, embody, and integrate the expanded list of tools and techniques they will learn.



Looking to collaborate with a professional on a workshop for your club or group? Contact our team for availability.